Let’s Trust



That Place


I have been in that place where you lie silently…
With only a vague awareness of what goes on around you.

You don’t know what will become of them,
Or you.

You flutter open your eyelids for a second
With your last remaining strength
And take what you think may be your one last look
At the world.

You drift off into an ethereal land
Where you feel as if you are drifting,
Just drifting…

And then…

Lost and Found


My dreams have been put on a shelf… Not lovingly, but haphazardly.

They will collect dust for a time, and when I go to look for them again, they will have disappeared and I will wonder…

Did I get rid of them? Surely they are not the sort of thing I would give away?

I will write them off as lost for good and go on feeding the needs of those around me.

Then, one day when I am old, gray, and feeble – they will turn up in an old, unlabeled box. 

I will smile at the memories of such young dreams and breathe my way through the sadness over the unrealized passions as I had all my life.