Let’s Trust



Beneath the Stones

Originally Published October 15, 2014


She left no stone unturned.
Looking up at the swaying branches,
She knew this must have been the place.

One by one she searched,
Over-turning pebbles and boulders,
For the thing
She felt hopeful and doubtful
She would find.

The moist forest soil
Established itself underneath her long fingernails,
Cracked and chipped from
Geologic obstacles.

Finally, with rubble and destruction
Surrounding her,
She found what she had been
Looking for…

A faint smile etched,
A small tear dripped,
And she knew Life would never be the same.

Time Outdoors

There’s something magical about being outdoors, among the wild and untamed life that is usually out of our sight (and out of mind) throughout the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.


To keep the natural world in mind, and to cultivate a deep appreciation of such things in my children, I try to take them to Eagle Creek Park as much as possible during the warmer months. I never tire of the initial deep breath once I step out of my car and into the woods.


I feel infinitely fortunate to live so close to such a beautiful refuge that I can experience and share with my family on a regular basis.


Eagle Creek has become as familiar a place to my children as their grandparents’ homes…and truth be told, there are times when we visit Eagle Creek more frequently.


J.J., Ava, and I have had the privilege to experience some of the most beautiful summer days at Eagle Creek in the last month.


The perfect comfortable temperature with the gentlest of cool breezes… The ideal place to nurture my children’s inherent connection to the natural world.


We ambled along the path through the woods and out around the reservoir…taking the time to discover, observe, and appreciate the detail and beauty we beheld in the large…


and small.


We conversed with familiar old friends…the bumblebee, the red-winged blackbird, the grey catbird…


And we became close friends with some lovely, growing ducklings.


I have even enjoyed some gentle yoga on one of the decks overlooking the reservoir.




My love for Eagle Creek, and the natural world in general, cannot possibly be expressed or contained within mere words.


And I am beyond grateful for my children sharing this love with me.