Honey Stitch Cowl

photo 4

I have a love affair with the Honey Stitch Cowl by Sheep and Stitch.

It has such a timeless look, and with changes in color, yarn weight, and fiber – the possibilities are endless.

For my own cowl, I chose a bulky Pima Cotton yarn by Knit Picks called Billow. The colorway I chose was Ash, and though it is a beautiful color, my first choice was Gosling – which they ran out of during the process of placing my order. (Beware ordering during Knit Picks’ BIG Yarn sale…it is a crazy frenzy of yarn enthusiasts).

I LOVE the soft tones of Billow’s colorways. They are not super saturated, and I like this look very much. It is also one of the absolute softest yarns I have ever felt, and it is a joy to have wrapped around one’s neck. The thick-thin aspect of Billow created an interesting look in the cowl as well. The only complaint I have is that with wear, the stitch definition on the honey comb portion of the cowl is not the greatest – but that is to be expected with cotton yarn.

photo 3

For my daughter’s cowl, I used Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes worsted weight yarn in Spruce. I chose worsted weight so that the cowl wouldn’t be quite so chunky and wide, since my daughter is only four years old. I did knit it the full length, however, so that she would still have enough room to wrap it around her neck twice as she grows, so hopefully this is a scarf she can where for a very long time.

The Wool of the Andes yarn is nice, and provides great stitch definition, but I do wish it was a bit softer. The wool is from Peruvian Highland Sheep, which is a mix with Corriedale and Merino. I cannot afford full merino yarn, or other super soft yarn blends…so all things considered, Wool of the Andes is a very nice yarn for the price point. Besides, I am probably just spoiled from the softness of Billow!

photo 2

I would love to knit another Honey Stitch Cowl for myself in a natural or light gray colorway, but I am not set on which yarn to use yet. I was thinking of going ahead and knitting in Billow again, this time in Gosling like I originally wanted, but I think I may want to choose a wool yarn for more warmth and better stitch definition.

In the future, I hope I can afford some of the amazing domestic wool yarns that are on the market these days… There are so many smaller yarn lines popping up all over the U.S. that have great products to offer. So many yarns are being created that are sourced mostly or completely within the states and dyed naturally.

Ideally, I would be supporting these companies since I think what they are doing is so very important, but right now it isn’t in the budget. My goal at the moment is to use up the small stash of yarn that I have, and from then on make fewer, and more thoughtful, purchases for my projects. No more wandering around in Joann’s picking up whatever yarn strikes me as attractive without a particular project in mind!

If I purchase mindfully and purposefully, perhaps I will be able to make the space for the nicer and more earth-friendly options.

Do you have a go-to pattern for a scarf or cowl that you love? Tell me about it!


That Place


I have been in that place where you lie silently…
With only a vague awareness of what goes on around you.

You don’t know what will become of them,
Or you.

You flutter open your eyelids for a second
With your last remaining strength
And take what you think may be your one last look
At the world.

You drift off into an ethereal land
Where you feel as if you are drifting,
Just drifting…

And then…