Lullaby Blanket


Over the past several years, I have made many baby blankets, but my favorite pattern thus far is The Lullaby Blanket.

It comes together fairly quickly, the pattern has three size options, and if you play with colorways – the possibilities are endless!

I love the texture of the crochet stitch pattern, and the grounded edges with your standard half-double crochet stitches.

The baby blanket pattern size ( 30 x 36 inches) is generous, which gives a child plenty of room to grow with it.

For the one in the first photo, I used Caron One Pound yarn in Sunflower for the bulk of the blanket, with Bernat Super Value yarn in Dark Grey for the last two rows of trim on the outside.

I created a little knitted owl toy to match, and I hope to write that pattern soon for the public. But since I made it on the fly, I want to test my pattern at least once more before posting the pattern on here for you, to make sure there are consistent results.


For the Lullaby Blanket above, I used Caron One Pound yarn in Soft Grey Mix.

I plan to use this pattern several times over – including full sized throw blankets for my own home and as gifts for others. While I prefer to use more natural fiber yarns such as wool, linen, and cotton, crocheting (and crocheting blankets especially) can often use a LOT of yarn – more so than knitting. And since I am always giving these as gifts or for personal use rather than selling them, I don’t have the luxury of purchasing more expensive natural fiber yarns for projects such as these.

Even with acrylic yarn, these blankets are soft, gorgeous, and a lovely addition to any nursery.

What projects have you been working on lately? Do you prefer to create gifts, or to indulge in projects for yourself?


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