Heirloom Linen Dishcloths

imageI am a knitter at heart, but I have been loving this crochet Heirloom Linen Dishcloth pattern I downloaded (for free!) from KnitPicks.

Its aesthetic is classic and lovely – especially when made with gorgeous neutral tones.

I have had the same store-bought, standard dishcloths for almost 10 years, and unsurprisingly they are looking pretty haggard. So I downloaded pattern after pattern for a variety of styles of dishcloths, but I loved none so much as this Heirloom Linen pattern.

I used KnitPicks Cotlin in Wallaby for three of them, and Peaches and Creme in Black (thought they almost look Navy) for the other three. I want to see which yarn holds up longer, and as the Cotlin is DK weight and Peaches and Creme is Worsted weight – I also want to experiment to see if I prefer one’s thickness over the other.

I have a sort of inexplicable obsession with all things Linen, so the fact that Cotlin is a cotton and linen blend, I am admittedly rooting for Cotlin over Peaches and Creme.

I altered the pattern to make square dishcloths rather than long, almost towel-sized cloths as the pattern dictates.

I would like to make hand-towels with this stitch pattern in the future, and perhaps matching place mats as well.

Have you ever made your own dishcloths? How have they held up over time, and what is your go-to dishcloth pattern and yarn?


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