A Personal Birthday

Yesterday my four-piece family and I celebrated my son’s 10th birthday.

I can’t believe how quickly he has grown – the way his feet are as big as my own and the way the top of his head reaches my chin.

I can’t believe the body of knowledge his brain contains about so many things – he is and will forever be a walking encyclopedia.


He is interested in and passionate about many things, one of which is “towers”… Basically tall structures. So to celebrate his momentous birthday, my husband took the day off of work and we drove north to explore country roads in a quest for new towers for J.J. to draw and photograph.

When my husband came up with the Quest idea, we weren’t sure if it would as interesting and fun to J.J. as we hoped, but he was more excited than we had expected and it turned out to be an amazing experience we shared as a family…

One our son will likely remember for the rest of his days.

That is the best kind of birthday.


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