New Horizons

I am being brave and finally taking on my creative alter ego that I have published under secretly for some time now.

Olivia Coy Wilkins provided for me a safe haven to express my words without worry of judgement from friends, family, and followers. And for a while it felt fresh and new and fun to have this secret persona that was just for me and any followers gracious enough to follow my work… I was free to post anything, of any nature, without concern.

But now…

Now I am ready to bring all of that work to you.

I am ready to be responsible for my entire body of work — even the pieces with a darker nature.

I am also ready to take on Olivia Coy Wilkins as my complete creative self, as it is a name I chose for my Self, for many different reasons.

I grew up as Rachel Lyn, at times feeling stifled by the expectations of those around me, which was so often at odds with what I wanted for and from myself. When I chose Olivia, I felt fearless… It felt full of intention and purpose — it was freeing.

I hope to always be challenging myself and reinventing how I express and identify with my Self. I hope I never lose the drive to experiment.

I will slowly, but surely, be bringing all of Olivia’s work to this blog, and will be working toward organizing all of my content so that it is easy to navigate and choose what you wish to explore.


Let us all celebrate the need, desire, and drive to create in all realms.

Let us all be who we wish to be.