The Sun’s Rising


I see Spring in the Sunrise this morning. I feel it in the outdoor air, even as it freezes the contents of my nostrils as I go outside to tend to the chickens. The sun rising prior to 8 o’clock in the morning makes me feel hopeful about the day(s) ahead…and the warmer, gentler weather which is fortunately inevitable.

I can see the tip of the sun, rising just over the roof of a house down the street — slightly southeast of my vantage point. It rises more quickly than I imagine it would — or could. After each sentence I write I look up, and it has visibly risen higher still. It is already almost fully in view over the neighbor’s rooftop. I have to resist the urge to longingly stare into its bright, yet deep, orange glow.

I am grateful for the morning’s clear skies.

Higher and higher it rises — relentless. A force beyond anyone or anything’s grasp or will or control… a force even my control-seeking Self doesn’t mind feeling powerless against. I welcome the Sun’s ascent and its strength, reliability, dominance.

Some adore the Sun’s setting…

I have always loved the Sun’s rising… its grand entrance into the ballroom of the Earth’s skies. I feel most at peace, most balanced, most hopeful, and even most loved and loving… when I am sitting alone in the quiet stillness of morning. Watching, contemplating, appreciating the Sun’s rising… Waking Life to the start of the day.

Have a beautiful day — Wherever or Whenever this finds you.