What Do You Love About….

What do you Love about those around you?

We need to look at ourselves and those around us and celebrate anything and everything we can. We need to remind ourselves, regularly, what we love about our kids, our spouses, parents, siblings, friends… We genuinely need to learn to be more grateful for what is.


One thing I love about my son, J.J., is his very active imagination. We have to be very careful about what we let him watch, because he will become a chosen character from the video/movie/documentary and his life will suddenly revolve around the character and things they said or did in what he watched. In cases where this is actually a really cool thing is when he speaks in a British accent like David Attenborough and talks endlessly about animals and little known facts about them. Or there are times when he adopts an Australian accent and speaks like Geoff Lawton, the Permaculturalist, and speaks volumes about establishing a proper “food forest” and its multiple layers.

There are plenty of animated characters he loves as well. Lately he has taken on the identity of Wall-E. I don’t mind this so much, since it is a movie I love and respect…besides, I get to be Eve when he’s Wall-E! J.J. will pretend to collect trash, smash it into a cube, roll around with a cockroach, and, of course, save Earth.

It used to not be so with him. He used to never pretend play about or with anything at all. I find it so amazingly gratifying and refreshing to see his imagination at work these days. I love how special and different he is than other kids his age. I love seeing a new interest or passion become awakened in him and that’s all he wants to do or talk about for days, weeks, or months on end.


I love the way my daughter, Ava, calls out for “Mama” as if I am the sole keeper of the key to her comfort. I love the way she lights up whenever she hears music and begins to dance, clap, bob her head, or sway to the music without restraint. I love seeing her scoop up her stuffed animals and love them so tenderly — giving ample hugs and kisses so the still beings know how much they are loved and appreciated. I even secretly love the way she refuses to sit in her booster seat to eat at times and wants me to hold her — because she would rather be close in my arms than sit like the big girl she so often wants to be.

I have a love-hate relationship with each of my children’s very, very strong wills. Both are, and always have been, very sure of themselves and how they think the world should work. I sincerely appreciate this quality in them, as it will serve them well when they are older and I feel confident they will grow to be strong adults that are capable of making big, positive waves in the world. Yet now, as they are still young and Nathan and I are charged with their guidance in this crazy world…the job is not always that easy when we are at odds with our views on how things should go. And although it can be difficult to remember in heated moments, I know that all the hard work with their strong characters will pay off. Really, it already pays off when I sit back and watch when they take charge of a situation…it makes me so proud of them.

The point is that despite their ability to test patience, deprive me of sleep, and frankly make me want to pull my hair out sometimes…both of my children are so wonderful in their own unique ways. It pays to remind oneself of the virtues within those you live and love with. In the end it could make you happier and appreciate them even more.


Now, to make the sharing of Love and Appreciation complete… What do I love about my husband, Nathan? Oh, Dear…so many things! I love that he is so smart and passionate and capable of doing just about anything he tries. He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge about life and the world, and he is always striving for better. He is always honest with me, which is great…even if I don’t appreciate it in the moment. More than anything, I love his drive to care for his family and his intense moral standards. I love and respect him so much… He always continues to surprise me with how wonderful and thoughtful he is.

I am so fortunate to have such an amazing family, and I strive to remind myself of this everyday.

So, tell me… What do you Love about those you care for?


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