The Charm of a Typewriter

Nathan and I are very “back to the future” kind of people.


And by that I don’t mean that we are enthusiasts for the movie (although it was a cool movie)… I simply mean that we look at technologies and lifestyles of yesteryear to shape our lives more so than looking at what new and up-coming technologies can offer us in this day and age.


In this manner of thinking, my Husband knows that:

If given a gift, I don’t want the new iPhone or gadget or Brand-Name this or that…

If given a gift, I want something of value to me, something I can truly use and appreciate. And recently, he got me such a gift… a gift I have been quietly wanting for a very long time…

A typewriter.


A Smith-Corona Classic 12 Manual Portable Typewriter…to be exact.

It is a beautiful little machine. I’m not sure what year it is from, but I suspect it hails from the 60’s.

Typewriters have a certain charm in the words they create. On a computer, you may try to find “personality” in a certain font… but on a typewriter, the machine itself has its own personality as each one types a little differently. Text from a typewriter, to me, feels sincere and warm and creative… whereas I often look at computers as cold and lacking in any creative realm. If I want to be creative in my writing, I very seldom use the computer. Prior to the typewriter — all of my daily free-writing was simply done with a fountain pen and paper.


Also, with a typewriter, you have to sort of have your wits about you and be very intentional about what you write. Sure, you may correct mistakes…but it’s not a clean sweep of a backspace key such as on a computer. Your mistakes are apparent on a typewriter, either glaring at you in the face reminding you of your shortcomings — or simply adding even more charm to your work.

Yet, despite the inability to go back and correct mistakes many times over — with this beautiful new addition to my creation inventory, I have so many more options than ever in my endeavors.


I look forward to discovering the full potential of the typewriter in my life and the charm it beholds.


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