The Value of (Good) Mornings

**This is an archived blog post from July 11, 2012**

There are some mornings that start off badly…we all know what that feels like. We wake up late, we rush to get ready for the day, we don’t get enough sleep, or we just simply wake up in a funk.

Then there are the mornings when everything seems to fall into place and the rising sun seems to smile at you as if to say: “Yes…this will be a great day.”


My ideal mornings are the ones in which I am up at least a half hour before anyone else in my family. I love peace and quiet in order to center myself, have a few sips of coffee, and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. I also love to accomplish monotonous tasks, like dishes, laundry, or tidying up in these quiet moments so I won’t have to be rushing around to get things done while one or both children inevitably need me for something for the entire rest of the day.

There are also beautiful mornings when I am able to set aside any of the things I wish to accomplish and I seize a moment to spend outside while the sun is still in the process of rising…and the air outside is crisp and refreshing. Not too hot, not too cold.


I had one such morning a few weeks ago. I had been sitting outside alone for a few minutes, and when I came inside to grab my camera to capture the evening primrose before they closed up for the day, I was lovingly greeted by J.J. who groggily smiled at me when I entered the door.

ImageInstead of forgetting about what I had wanted to do, or trying to rush through it so that I could be inside with J.J., I decided to include him in my task.


J.J. and I walked around exploring the garden and the early morning pollinators about their work. He had a good time “teaching” me about the different plants he could identify.


We were only outside for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, but they were some of the most relaxed and lovely minutes I’ve had in quite awhile.



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