Making It Count

**This is an archived blog post from July 24, 2012**

Some days surprise you with how good they turn out to be, and others surprise you with how terrible they turn out to be. In the past two days, I’ve had one of each.

Yesterday, J.J. and I got off to a great start for his first day of the school year. I found my internal stores of patience and fun…and I was able to be “in the moment” with my kiddos for what turned out to be an amazing day.


We played “Pin the Beak on the Owl” for Science to experience the loss of one of our senses and having to compensate with our other senses.


We read a tale of Ancient China for Social Studies and created things with tangram pieces.


J.J. practiced reading aloud for Language Arts, we played the recorder, knitted, and read poetry together. We also made time to bake a snack for ourselves to make use of our ripe bananas.



Even Miss Ava set aside her troubles until later in the evening so that we could all have some fun together.


Although today was much less of the fulfilling sort, it was a great test of my willingness to do what needs to be done…and doing it with as many smiles as I could muster for my children. That is what makes each day, good or bad, count.


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