The Cultivation of Life and Nature

**This is an archived blog post from June 23, 2011**

When school let out for me more than a month and a half ago, I had in mind that I would be blogging like crazy…. yet I have found that most days I feel I have not much to say. Even my personal writing has slowed considerably in recent months. Yet this is a natural progression of the ebbs and flows of passions, I think. I have many interests, many passions, and sometimes I focus on one and set down all others for a matter of time; and other times I do a little of everything.

Lately, I have been knitting a lot, and reading when I have a chance. However, reading has not happened nearly as much as I would like considering I have a huge summer reading list! I just can’t seem to keep my eyes open when I have opportunities to read… Reading is almost the equivalent of a food-source for me. I can’t live without it! Yet when I am 7 weeks pregnant with next to no energy to do much other than the daily tasks life requires of me – the relaxing activity of reading is something that gets set aside.

So yes, if you caught that and you don’t know me personally, you are finding out that I am “with child.” So far, I am off to a great start, although it does not feel as such. I am always tired, always sick to my stomach, and hardly any food sounds appetizing at all… which is not a good thing when there’s a little person relying on you to take in extra nutrients. Even so, I am pulling through and I am very happy for the opportunity to have another child. J.J. is very excited about the prospect of having a little baby in the house and assuming the role of “big brother.” He loves to help out, and I can just imagine him wanting to get the baby’s pacifier, blanket, etc… My caring little goober head will, I’m sure, do an excellent job throughout this journey. He already supports me in helping me with my prenatal yoga and pilates, doing them along with me, and informing me often that the baby wants to grow up and my “belly is going to get huge!”

Nathan, my husband, is also quite excited about our expectant stance in life. He, more than I, was eager to spread the news to everyone. I am oh so very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive husband to share this, and all other life experiences, with.

::Sigh:: Much excitement in life can be summed up in rather few words, as one cannot begin to describe the strange yet exhilarating process of cultivating another human life in ones’ own body. The thought of it continues to baffle me, and I believe always will.

In other areas of life, the garden is doing well. We are in a time of transition – out with the early spring crops and in with the summer. So we have not much fresh produce to flaunt at the moment, except for our continuously delicious snow peas. They have been a fantastic producer this year that even J.J. enjoys.

Back to reading for a moment, I began reading The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka this morning. Fukuoka was a Japanese farmer who developed and advocated for a no-till, non-invasive, and “do-nothing” way to farming and the production of food. It took several years for him to get his nature-inspired system to its peak production levels as he experimented with ways he could get away with doing less and letting nature take the lead and run its course. The basic core principals of his “natural farming” methods include no tillage of the soil, no use of prepared compost or fertilizers, and no use of pesticides or herbicides. Once Nathan and I are able to get our hands on some land and produce food on a larger scale, these are the methods we hope to implement. As for now, there is only so much we can do here in our neighborhood, as we have to keep in mind we will need to sell this house someday. I think letting nature run wild is a beautiful and invaluable thing…but for some reason I don’t think many buyers will share that sentiment about their potentially future lawn.

Until next time, I wish you all beautiful days.


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