Life Gets in the Way

**This is an archived blog post from January 20, 2012**

It is remarkable how much a simple daily existence can get in the way of writing even a five minute blog post. I mean I’ve been quite busy…but I live simply at the same time. Almost seems like an oxymoron, yet in certain situations one must work hard to achieve a simple – yet fulfilling – life.

My husband spoke up the other day and encouraged me to get back into writing, as it serves a grand purpose of release for me. So I figured I would take his advice and share what I’ve been up to since I last updated my page.

I am still (very) pregnant…37 weeks now and waiting for my daughter, whose name will be Ava, to arrive at any time. I had my son at exactly 37 weeks, so I have to admit I expected that to happen with my daughter as well. However, Ava seems like she is a little more determined to incubate longer than J.J. was at her gestational age. In the past few days I think I have finally come to terms with that fact and it is, of course, best that she develops more before she meets the world. My husband and I (mostly my husband) have been very very busy trying to get her bedroom ready for the grand arrival, as well as securing all the little “baby things” one needs to have around when they have a new family member. I’ve been asked several times what the “theme” or “color scheme” is in Ava’s room, and I believe I disappoint everyone when I tell them her walls are a warm grey and all her furniture is white. If I were more clever in the moment, I would make up some story about ingraining her impressionable brain from day one with a mind-set of minimalism and simplicity in decor…but I have never been one to be witty on the spot. Days later, yes, but in the moment, no.

Nathan and I are not parents with intents of depriving our children of anything fun in life, but I will admit we are very strict and “strange” when compared to most when it comes to what we want our children surrounded with and exposed to. Which explains the minimalist backdrop in Ava’s room. The color will mostly come in through all the knitted toys I am in the process of making for her room. Perhaps we are scrooges, but we didn’t want to have to repaint/redesign her room when she gets too old for the baby theme or if we eventually sell the house. So our children must suffer our frugal and practical natures.

In September I was able to quit my job and become a full-time wife and mother, which sounds incredibly dull to most women these days, but I quite enjoy it. I’ve reached a point in my life where I have gladly and willingly put certain things aside in order to simply care for my family in many ways. And it is precisely those many ways I care for my family that have kept me from this blog. However, I would like to begin sharing again all the ways we live simply and friendly in this busy world. I promise to write again soon. In the meantime, I have a science lesson to teach, laundry to do, and dinner to cook before I call it a day.


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